Keynote Speaker

Fast Forward Your Business Melbourne 2014
Future thinking in business – what business will look like in 10 years time

Housing Industry Association
How business owners can start producing results

Australian Signage & Graphic Association
How to be effective in today’s business environment

Master Electricians
How to get out of working in your business and start working on your business

Master Painters
How to structure your business for results

Australian Plumbing & Industry Commission
How to identify what type of mindset you need in business in the industry you’re in

In the Media

Business Mentor on ‘Your Business Success’
Channel Nine’s television show

Hosted ‘Business Breakfast Show’
A regular local community radio show

Columnist for

Master Plumbers
How procrastination can kill your business
Regaining control of your business
Where has all my money gone?

Green World
You might be your own worst enemy for profit
Does your business flow easily?

Master Electricians
The business of running a business

Australian Signage and Graphic Association
Monthly columnist

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