The only thing Miles Primrose passed at school
was recess.

Miles, born in Williamstown, Victoria, had an achievement at school that no one else attained; he was the only student ever to get a ‘G’ on his report card (G, being after an ‘F’). He was asked to leave school at age 14. When Miles was 23, he saw a job advertised in the national newspaper, ‘The Melbourne Age’. The job was advertised specifically for a ‘Senior Retail Manager’ role that had worked in an operation turning over $1m/per week with a qualified degree. One of the requirements was that the applicant was over 40 years of age; the role was located in New Zealand.

Miles had none of these requirements. He applied anyway and with his big picture thinking and certainty to execute his vision for the company, Miles landed a career with global company ‘Hong Kong Dairy Farm’ (who own Woolworths in New Zealand.) Miles relocated and spent 2 years opening high revenue turnover supermarkets. He went from Wellington, to Napier to Rotorua, with his highest turn over being $1.17million/week.

Miles then moved back to Melbourne and spent the rest of his 20’s turning around large retail businesses, his best result being a ‘Franklin’s Big Fresh’ store in the west of Sydney, Australia, where he altered the course of the business from loss to profit, and steadily improved the ongoing profitability of the business over 18 months. Miles was then given the opportunity to open the first ever franchise ‘Mitre 10 Mega’ in Chelsea Heights, Victoria.

At the time, ‘Mitre 10 Mega’ was only a concept and within 6 months Miles turned this mere concept into a fully operating business.In 2003, Business Sight was formed. Miles saw that he had a proven formula for success in business and wanted to share this with as many business owners as possible. He saw a gap in the market for trades.

Trades normally being great at their trade, and absolutely terrible at business.Over the last 10 years, Miles has shared his formula for success through his programs and workshops with over 1,600 business owners across Australia.Now creating workshops for businesses (no matter the stage or type of business) to help them produce the kind of results business owners are looking to produce.

Life Outside of Work

The most important part of my life outside of business is my relationship with my 19-year-old son.

I love spending time with him.

My son is in his 3rd year as an apprentice carpenter, l loved hearing the words from his mouth when he explains how he has already projected his first year of operating profit. Like father like son…

Other than that, I love variety. Being in Business can be stressful at times, so I love taking up new hobbies.
Some of my interests are mountain bike riding, Argentinian Tango dancing and pistol shooting to name a few… although one thing I can’t get enough of, is travelling.

I have visited, worked and lived in over 21 countries and I plan to visit three new countries every year.

I love spending time in far north Queensland and exploring different parts of Australia.

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